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Ask Me Anything With Deepak Shenoy

We did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session for Capitalmind’s premium subscribers with Deepak Shenoy (CEO). Deepak answered a range of questions ...

Video: Selecting Stocks and Building Equal Weighted Portfolios on Capitalmind Snap

Discovering stocks: The DIY Toolkit If you want to discover stocks for investment, a good way is to look at strong performers in the market. When a stock does ...

[Webinar Video] Hedging Your Portfolio To Earn More, Save Tax

We started a post series on Active Investing. Yesterday, we released part 2 of the series: Using Business Income from Covered Calls to Reduce Cost and Tax. In ...

[Webinar Video] Use Excel To Save Yourself from Being Suckered Into Financial Junk

Watch Deepak Shenoy unravel financial jargon through the use of simple Excel formulas that will help you understand when you’re being suckered into a ...

Video: How To Set Up and Use a New Version of Options Oracle

Options Oracle has been an interesting tool to use with options. We have for you a new “fast” version of OptionsOracle, which is available for ...

Video: Capitalmind's FII Data Explained

Data Monster explains the Daily Settlement Statistics posted in #general on Slack. We cover the following data sets: FII/FPI and DII Trading Activity ...

Video: How To Strategically Create Option Trades

Uncle Theta is going audio-visual today. We bring you thoughts on how to build spreads using data crunched through the Capitalmind Snap platform. Watch as ...

Video: John Oliver on Investments, And How it works in India

This is old, but brilliant. John Oliver on Investments, Retirements and All Things So Funny. Some of this stuff needs to change for India. You don’t have ...

Video: How To Park Your Money, Save 80% Tax & Also Generate Cash Flow!

Capitalmind speaks of a new way to allocate a lumpsum cash amount and recover interest from it, every month and pay 80% less tax compared to a Fixed ...

Webinar[Recorded]: How To Hedge Your Portfolio For Brexit Or Anything Else

Here is the recording of the webinar “How to hedge your portfolio for Brexit or anything else?” folks. We’d done this on June 17, 2016 at 4 ...