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A Small CAD for India, Yet Again

Yet again, India’s Current Account Deficit is a mere 10 bn in the quarter (Dec 2023), less than levels more than a decade back, and less than 2017-18 ...

Missing the night, now that everything is bright

After what seems to be a remarkable run, Deepak speaks about how you're going to need both the ups and the downs for markets to really work. Inspired by the ...

Enter 2024: Here’s to the crazy ones

Happy 2024! 2023 has been quite sensational for returns in the Capitalmind Portfolios, and we go into this new year honouring the crazy ones. The misfits, the ...

No more evergreening through AIFs, says RBI to NBFCs

RBI has a new rule: NBFCs cannot use AIFs to evergreen loans. Let me explain. This is going to take some time. NBFCs have seen increased regulation over time, ...

It isn’t just about yesterday.

Let’s say a man, call him Ajay, has a heart attack while exercising in the gym. He was doing a deadlift with 60 kgs. 25 kgs as weights and 10 on the bar. ...

Wealth Letter Nov 2023: The Illusion of Risk

First, our returns. Here’s what our portfolios have done as of Oct 31: Such a stark difference from April this year, when the world markets saw jitters ...

Happy Diwali 2023! Of Lights, Delights and Silly Predictions

A Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2023 to you from all of us at Capitalmind! Wish you all, your friends, families, colleagues and loved ones a prosperous year ...

India joins Global Bond Indexes: What it means and What it doesn’t

Indian bonds will soon be in global indexes, says JP Morgan. Looking beyond the rhetoric, we analyze what it really means. It's a nice party, but will this ...

Capitalmind Turns 9!

We turn 9 today, and take you through a few thoughts, learnings and our little bit of advice on how to look at wealth, performance and all the crazy things ...

Why investing more money matters more than targeting higher returns

There's no end to the fight for higher returns, but is it really worth the effort? If what you need is a pot of gold at the end, is it just better to focus on ...