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How hot are smallcaps, really?

In this post, we try to answer one key question for the 'cautiously optimistic' investor: Yes, small-cap stocks are frothy, but by how much? We analyzed the ...

Patience is the strategy: Focused portfolio mid-year review

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, especially these last few months, but that's part of the equity investing. It's like having a compass and a map in the vast ...

A New Addition to the CM Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio & Performance Update

Started in August 2022, Capitalmind Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio picks a set of mutual funds that have quantitatively demonstrated strong performance across ...

CM Fixed Income: Exiting Banking & PSU to Add a New Gilt Fund

We are increasing the duration of our Fixed Income portfolio to reflect the current macro conditions. We want to take advantage of the current higher rates to ...

Poonawalla Fincorp: One right step at a time

There are some winning patterns in investing that keep repeating. One such pattern is when a big company buys a struggling company, fixes old problems, and ...

CM Focused: Reducing our allocation to smallcaps & increasing cash

In the last few days, we have seen increased volatility in the mid and small-cap sectors due to regulatory actions, including restrictions on inflows into mid ...

Capitalmind Chase Entry and Exit Rules

Ceasing the 'Chase' strategy on March 31, 2024, because its hourly monitoring and new trading hours complexity conflict with our aim for straightforward ...

Why we like hotel Industry: SAMHI & INDHOTEL

This post is unlocked with the 14-day free trial. Find the link below👇 to start your free trial. With hotel demand expected to increase in the next few ...

Increasing allocations in three stocks of the Focused portfolio

We are deploying our existing cash into select portfolio companies that have delivered a strong performance, reinforcing our confidence to increase allocations ...

Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Aarti Industries

Over the last decade, the Indian chemical industry has distinguished itself as a global leader in terms of growth and creating shareholder value. The chemical ...