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4 ArticlesSidhanth Paul

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Exicom Tele-Systems: Early mover in the EV charging space.

Exicom Tele Systems, a recent debutant on the Indian bourses, is a two-decade-old company offering energy solutions for telecommunication sites and EV charging ...

Piccadily Agro: An Indian Single Malt Distiller Making Waves

Piccadilly Agro Industries, the brainchild behind India's award-winning single malt, Indri, is strategically expanding its operations and product line to meet ...

APAR Industries: The Pickaxes and Tools Fueling Power Sector Growth

APAR Industries, a six-decade old powerhouse and a leading manufacturer of conductors, specialty oils, and cables. As a key player in the booming power sector, ...

Shivalik Bimetals: Bending metals through the electrification wave.

While India is fast moving towards electrification, Shivalik bimetals sit right at the heart of these trends. Smart meters, switchgears and automobile sector ...