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Video: Selecting Stocks and Building Equal Weighted Portfolios on Capitalmind Snap


Discovering stocks: The DIY Toolkit

If you want to discover stocks for investment, a good way is to look at strong performers in the market. When a stock does really well in the past year, you know that it’s worth looking at. Take that as one input, and then work with the fundamentals to further hone your interest.
We help with the first part, through a new tool we call The DIY Toolkit. You can access it here: Check out the video on how you can use it (above).

  • We use colours to figure out what stocks are above or below their 200 day moving averages.
  • We use Sharpe-ratios to find out stocks that have excess returns compared to risk free investments (the return on liquid funds is a risk free return)
  • You can filter out stocks by industry or by volume or by market capitalization.
  • You can do further checks on the Snap platform, or use sites like for fundamental analysis.
  • Select and add stocks to your “Cart“.
  • You can “view” the cart stocks, which gives you an equal weighted portfolio of the stocks you selected. 
  • If you are a Zerodha customer, you can click “Buy” and you will be able to login to Zerodha’s Kite platform, and a basket of these stocks will automatically be ready for you to buy. You can edit your order or delete/change stocks, but the order goes in as a one-shot order, and all stocks are purchased with market orders. (Ensure you don’t choose illiquid stocks)
  • If you aren’t a Zerodha customer, click here to have them get in touch.
  • If you use another brokerage, you can note down the quantities and enter each order individually on their platform. While this is painful, at least you have the quantities auto-calculated for you.

Have fun and let us know what you think? This facility is currently free for all, but we will soon restrict it only to Capitalmind Premium customers.

NOTE: All information presented on Capitalmind’s SNAP platform is to help investors in their decision making process and should not be considered as a recommendation or solicitation of an investment or investment strategy. Investors are solely responsible for their investment decisions and are responsible for validating all the information used to make their investment decision.


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