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Ask Me Anything With Deepak Shenoy


We did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session for Capitalmind’s premium subscribers with Deepak Shenoy (CEO). Deepak answered a range of questions across topics such as investing abroad, personal finance, black Swan events, allocation strategies, accounting frauds and others.

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You use Google on an everyday basis, you probably use Microsoft unless you’re an Apple fan, in which case use Apple. You use Android from Google, you use Apple iPhones. You use a Dell computer if you’re like me and doesn’t like either of those worlds. And then you’ve got a bunch of other products that you use on a regular basis, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. All of these are companies and products that you use every day they make money off of you giving serving you ads or perhaps even selling your products, but yet, you don’t benefit from any of that by yourself, simply because you don’t have any investment. In those companies, those companies are not listed in India, they’re listed in the US, you don’t want to somehow benefit. Why don’t you take a part of your portfolio and invest that into US markets which have give you exposure to these companies? I’ll tell you the four ways to do so….

So there’s been a monsoon and things have been good. And what do you think will happen? Will there be a revival? How long? So the answer to this question is not easy, because how long for a revival?, the revival may already be happening? The revival may take five years, there’s no way the auction is going to be able to predict it. Only thing that we can do is say, let’s look at things that are happening right. Is the monsoon the only problem that the economy has? Is the government taking steps enough to address any of these issues?…

Someone asks me, “what if anything has changed in your thinking over the last five years?” A lot of things I think, always keep changing. My belief in corporate balance sheets, for instance, has reduced substantially but let me start with the basics. I realized that a lot of stuff that’s expensive, I should actually be buying, not because they’ve done well in the last five years. But there’s a reason some of these stocks are expensive, it’s because they’re good. And over time that expensiveness as even if it were to come down a little bit, I would still say that that has value. So for instance, you want to buy a 40% growing company, would you pay 80 times earnings for it?…

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