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Month: April 2022

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Understanding the business model of Shopify

A large part of economic activity happens outside our borders. Unless you count introducing the sachet version of the 14th variant of a dandruff shampoo as ...

How much is the US worth, What’s next for Netflix, Investing lessons from Dalal Street & More

. 🔆 Valuation: Quick theoretical exercise to value a country - the USA 🔆 Business: What went down with Netflix and what's ahead? 🔆 Venture ...

The High-Priced Portfolio Update for 2022

What if you just bought the highest priced stocks? We ran this concept as a portfolio since 2017, and the results have been interesting. After four years of ...

All about BNPL, Irrational People, Buy and Hold Investing & Inflation

. 🔆 Explained: The complete BNPL ecosystem 🔆 Psychology: The value of doing nothing and staying put 🔆 Behavioral Finance: Economics of ...

Government bonds versus immediate annuities: Which is the better pension investment?

How do you get a guaranteed income or pension after you retire for the rest of your life that’s guaranteed? A simple answer used to be: buy a long-term ...

HDFC merger explained, Elon snubs twitter board, China’s debt trap & More

. 🔆 CM Opinion: Everything about the mega HDFC merger explained 🔆 Geo-politics: China’s ‘debt-trap diplomacy with Sri Lanka 🔆 World Markets: ...

A strange Rate Hike and a messy inflation print present a weak macro for India

Did RBI increase rates? What did RBI say that spooked the bond market? What's inflation looking like? We take a look at the macro, with charts and data that ...

Investing for goals, Elon Musk invests in Twitter, 8 Instruments that beat FD & More

. 🔆 Personal Finance: How to invest for specific goals? 🔆 Actionable: 8 Fixed Income instruments that beat the FD 🔆 World Markets: After Elon's ...

Edelweiss Housing Finance NCD review: Should you invest?

When fixed deposits offer only 5-6% interest, is the Edelweiss Housing Finance NCD issue that offers up to 9.7% interesting? What's the risk? Why would a ...

Eight Fixed Income instruments that beat the best FD rates in India

For decades, Fixed Deposits have been the most preferred instrument for everyone. But, historically this is the worst time to invest in FDs. Their interest ...