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Investing for goals, Elon Musk invests in Twitter, 8 Instruments that beat FD & More

  • Personal Finance: How to invest for specific goals?
  • Actionable: 8 Fixed Income instruments that beat the FD
  • World Markets: After Elon’s Twitter stock purchase, what’s next for Twitter?
  • Passive Investing: Are we good enough to pick stocks?
  • Factor Investing: The strongest anomaly in stock markets – Momentum
  • 🆕 Pop Quiz: A quiz question that can win you a little gift from us

Glide path investing for Goal Planning 🎯

Deepak Shenoy shares his experience with the goal-based investing framework at the Capitalmind Wealth PMS. He shares how he has approached his goal of planning for his kid’s higher education over the past years.

At Capitalmind PMS, we use the concept of Glide Path Investing – something we’ve done through our own technology built in-house.

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FDs suck! Here are some alternatives🎖

We periodically review the landscape of fixed income and debt investments available to answer the question, can investors get better returns than FDs for comparable risk?

In our April 2022 update of the fixed income landscape, we found eight fixed-income investment options that offer better returns than the best FD rates in India.

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Elon bats for change from within💰

Elon Musk started off by calling out Twitter’s content moderation as “undemocratic”, upped the stakes by rooting for a “worthy competitor” and finally ended up being the highest shareholder & a board member. All of this in a matter of months. Either Twitter has got its evangelist investor or it’s just a rich guy having fun!

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Do you even know how to pick stocks? 🤔

The standard argument against active stock picking is that most active fund managers do not beat the index. And this argument is backed by data.

But, the author, makes a fundamental argument by asking if you are even good enough to pick the right stocks? Stock picking remains one of those skillsets where you can never be sure of how good you are.

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The anomaly called Momentum 🚀

Momentum strategies are one of the most discussed themes in Indian markets, especially in the last 2 years. There’s a momentum portfolio with every variation there is. Heck, we also run our own momentum strategy. While you may have heard everything we had to say about momentum, here is some more.

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Pop Quiz ⚡️

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Question: The chart shows the percentage change in share price on 9th Nov 2020. Which event triggered this?

(Hint: Markets are forward-looking)

Investing for goals, Elon Musk invests in Twitter, 8 Instruments that beat FD & More

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Last week’s poll results💡

In which stock have you lost the maximum amount of money?

The picture gives us a clear answer!

Investing for goals, Elon Musk invests in Twitter, 8 Instruments that beat FD & More

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Investing for goals, Elon Musk invests in Twitter, 8 Instruments that beat FD & More


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