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Premium (Unlocked) – Annual report review : Balkrishna Industries (BKT)

As part of a new initiative we will review annual reports of companies. Annual reports of some companies are voluminous and lot of the material can be skimmed ...

Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About Profit

The importance of Profits getting converted to Cash What happens when accounting profits are higher or lower than cash profits? How does it impact the company? ...

Premium: The Big Whales Report for the December Quarter is Here!

The Big Whales Report for the December quarter is out! (Click here) There are investors and then there are investors. But the biggest of them all come in and ...

Premium (Unlocked): The Performance of the Capitalmind Premium Portfolios in 2017

2017 was a good year for the financial markets. Save for a few, almost every stock market registered gains. Our own markets weren’t different with both ...

Premium (Unlocked) – Long Term Portfolio Analysis – A Deeper Look at a 27.5% Annualized Return

Our longest running strategy at Capitalmind has been our Long Term Portfolio. While it started in a small way with just 4 stocks in November 2014, we have ...

Macronomics (Unlocked) : How GST Makes Tax Collectors Out Of All Of Us.

Customer: What soups do you have? Waiter: There’s clear soup. And there’s GST soup. Customer: What’s GST soup? Waiter: It’s not clear. ...

Premium (Unlocked): A Lazy Uncle Theta Gets 1.6% on June Double Ratio Diags

“Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.” – Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction “Sideways: the cornerstone of any ...

Bond Baba (Unlocked) : HCL Tech accepts 2/3rd of Buyback, a 10% Return in 3 months

The HCL Tech buyback is complete. Out of every 220 shares, 148 shares have been accepted, and the rest will come back to you. This implies an acceptance ratio ...

What is the difference between XIRR vs CAGR in portfolio returns?

What’s the difference between XIRR and CAGR in the portfolio return calculations? XIRR is simply an Internal Rate of Return. (We’ll get to the X ...

Portfolios (Unlocked) : We Have a 4x Return In Supreme Petro. Moved to Hold + Book 25%

We have an action to be taken on the Long Term Portfolio. A stock we’ve held for a while – Supreme Petro – has gone up nearly 4 times. So, we ...