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Buy high, sell higher: Nine fundamentally strong stocks near all time highs

We all like stocks that are going up. Particularly, if they are backed by fundamentals. There will be many instances where the fundamentals follow the price. ...

Which is the best Nifty Factor Index?

When you hear "the index", most investors think of the NIFTY50 or the NIFTY500. As market-cap-weighted composites of the largest companies in India, they ...

Right now, just ride the trend.. Phir karenge hisaab, ae saaqii..

Each market cycle is different, they say. But when you see IPOs getting bumper subscriptions, new investors rushing to buy stocks and stock prices rising ...

Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels

Straight from the kitchen of Capitalmind, we have a fantastic spread of articles that cover macroeconomics, investing philosophy, a hot business deal, and an ...

[Media] On CNBC TV18: Smart Money on Momentum, Risks, Books and more

Where Deepak speaks about Momentum, Risks and Discipline in ...

The Capitalmind Wealth Momentum Performance, and How It Weathered the Covid Crisis

Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio has delivered 28% for the year ending July 2020 with lower volatility than the broader market. Here's how the rule-based exit ...

Charts: Positive Momentum, Negative Momentum and the Carnage within

What goes up has to come down, said Isaac Newton, in reference to Gravity. Stock prices move in cycles with the upside celebrated as coming of age for the ...

The Long Term Portfolio: Summary Of Q2 Results

We have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here's an update on all their ...

Portfolio: Adding Two More Stocks

Two more stocks make it to the Premium portfolio. First, Tube Investments gets its way in, with a 50% position. This Murugappa group company makes auto ...

Portfolio Changes: [stock] enters The Long Term Portfolio and add a little more of [stock]

Our long term portfolio is performing reasonably, even though there was this whole Brexit thing today. Sudarshan, Supreme Petro, KRBL and Aegis Logistics ...