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Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels


Straight from the kitchen of Capitalmind, we have a fantastic spread of articles that cover macroeconomics, investing philosophy, a hot business deal, and an options strategy. This may seem like enough reading for the weekend but we have a lot more than that. Let’s dig in.

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Markets this week 🚦

Paper stocks lead the pack followed up IT and Chemicals while Metals and Power drag behind. The broader CNX 500 closed almost flat for the week. The greenery in the last two columns indicates the recent bull run we have seen.

Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels

If there is only one thing you can read today.. 🍀

Making decisions is a critical life meta-skill. One where even minor improvements can offer compounding impact over time. This post is a summary of some of the best practical insights from reading on the subject of better decision-making.

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The stock market is an economic indicator. NOT. 📊 📈 📉

The picture on the macroeconomic front isn’t looking very good, so we take a look at the details. The stock market may be looking up and at all-time highs, but the core economy seems to be struggling.


Unicorn goes shopping! 🤙

Health-Tech is consolidating at a fast pace & everyone wants a piece of the pie. Tata Digital acquired 60% stake in 1MG for $270 Mn. Reliance acquired a 60% stake in Netmeds for $85 Mn.

And now, PharmEasy buys the promoter stake in Thyrocare, one of India’s largest diagnostic chain. What are the benefits that will accrue on the back of this merger? What is in it for Thyrocare shareholders?


Summing up the Uncle Theta play 📝

Uncle Theta is an old hand at Options Strategies. He did everything, diagonals, spreads, ratios you name it. These days he has been busy navigating the new margin rules and trying to find some theta love. The fourth and last part of the series is here that concludes our analysis of this strategy.


[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Leverage is a tricky business – when it works for you it works wonders but when it doesn’t, you are doomed. We discuss. [link]
  • Our FM announced a quick presser today to revive the economy. We track the event on slack. [link]
  • IRCTC is out with its earnings reports and we share a quick update on what it means for the stock. [link]
  • We believe a good asset allocation strategy is as important as a good portfolio strategy, if not more. We discuss different allocation strategies for Capitalmind portfolios. [link]
  • Our “slack-sourced” intraday trading system gets a huge discussion thread. Once again. [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • We have all heard of, if not experienced, the hassle one faces to move money across countries. The crappy spreads we get on currency conversions add misery to the pain. Well, here’s a global FinTech firm trying to solve for the same – Money Without Borders: A Peek Inside Wise
  • While we have heard of momentum strategies that involve quantifying price action. And recently, quite a lot of it though. There are more ways to play the theme of momentum – The New Market Momentum: Reading the Technical Indicators
  • For the billionaires of the world everything seems to be about space – they invest in moonshots, their cryptocurrencies go to the moon, and their vision for mankind ends with interplanetary travel. So let’s just ponder about – SPAC(e)

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Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels
Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels

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