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Month: April 2023

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[Newsletter] Gujarat PSU stocks zoom, Market Overview and Things we are reading!

Nifty 50 gained 3% this week and is now only ~4% away from its all time high. Good times indeed for stocks. Although, Gold and Silver didn't do much this week ...

Will forcing PSUs to pay dividends make them more valuable?

Will forcing certain PSUs to pay out dividends change how shareholders perceive them? As the Gujarat government pushes a dividend policy on the companies it ...

Fact, Fiction and Factor Investing

Factor investing has been around for several decades, backed by an enormous body of literature, and yet it is still surrounded by much confusion and debate. ...

[Newsletter]: Quick glance of Indian market & more

Yet another bad week for IT stocks as the index dropped 5.4% this week and 18% over the year. PSU bank stocks were up 2.1% for the week and are having a ...

CM Focused Portfolio: Increasing Mid & Smallcap allocation

Following the market correction, we started tracking interesting names in the mid and small-cap space. As part of our latest portfolio rebalance, some of these ...

Newsletter: What’s common between Nokia, AMC, Palantir & BBBY?

The Realty sector had a great week as it rose 5.3%. The auto sector is also showing green shoots especially since passenger vehicle sales are finally catching ...

Wealth Letter April 2023: The fresh air in all this despair

  The Capitalmind Wealth PMS performance as of March 2023 is here: We realise that returns are lousy in the last one year. The Nifty’s been flat and our ...

Best Fixed Income Instruments for 2023

In this post, we explore some of the best fixed-income investment options available in India in 2023. We've categorized these options based on their risk ...

Nasdaq aces 2023, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

This week, although had only 3 trading days, was fantastic for the markets as Nifty 50 gained 3%. Gold and Silver are making new highs as well. RBI paused the ...

Debt funds will be taxed more, Market Overview, Our best reads & More

🔆 Saturday Coffee Newsletter Market Overview: Top stocks & asset classes Taxation: Your debt funds will be taxed more Good Reads: 5 good reads on ...