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Month: March 2023

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[Podcast] How does short selling work?

Short selling is mostly misunderstood and often demonized. Quite understandable, it's difficult to put your head around a concept that involves selling ...

Debt Mutual Funds will be taxed unfavourably after April 2023

The finance ministry has just delivered an inswinging yorker to the debt mutual fund industry. For long term investments made starting April, one major tax ...

A short guide to navigating PFIC regulations for US citizens investing in India

India has become a popular investment destination for domestic and international investors thanks to its strong economy, robust growth potential, and diverse ...

Fed raises rates, FinMin raises taxes, What we are reading & More

Crude is back to a point where it was before the Russia-Ukraine war and hence you see that big red horizontal candle at 1Y time frame, in the below chart. This ...

Quick look: Performance of NSE Nifty Indices

The Nifty has been more or less flat over the last year. Did you know that you'd be sitting with a 1-year return of 50+% if you had invested in the Nifty India ...

[Podcast] What led to the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)?

We discuss the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank. How this seemingly robust, conservative, bank with $180 billion in deposits tumbled down in just a couple of ...

A game of confidence, market overview & 5 good reads

While the US economy struggled with a banking crisis of sorts, Nifty 50 also felt the turbulence as it corrected by 1.8% for the week. Crude was also down 8.4% ...

What we should not learn from the SVB crisis

Silicon Valley Bank has gone under. And the government has rescued the depositors. What just happened? We take you through the journey of what the crisis was ...

CM Fixed Income Portfolio: Increasing Duration

As interest rates rise steeply due to higher inflation, tightening liquidity, and international bond movements, REITs and InvITs funds have been adversely ...

Microsoft pulling a Netflix in gaming, Market Overview & More

🔆 Saturday Coffee Newsletter Market Overview: Top stocks & asset classes World View: Microsoft is pulling a Netflix in gaming  Good Reads: 5 ...