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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee – Green Markets, Amber Stock, and Red Bull


We deep dive into an upcoming mutual fund NFO, understand F&O taxation better, explore a strong growth oriented stock, check out the best stuff from our slack community and gather enough food for thought for the weekend from reads curated from across the world.

Markets this week 🚦

It’s yet another week with a sea of green in the markets. Oil & Gas and Telecom have been leading the rally while metals are a drag since last week. Overall, the Indian investor goes happy into the weekend.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Green Markets, Amber Stock, and Red Bull

Qualitative analysis for a Mutual Fund! 📝

ITI Mutual Fund has launched an NFO (New Fund Offering) for an active equity fund called the ITI Value Fund. We do a step-by-step analysis and lay down our thought process along the way.


Let’s talk taxes! 🧐

Three frequently asked questions by F&O traders

  • How is the turnover of F&O business computed?
  • When should I get the books audited?
  • Is audit compulsory if I declare income at less than the presumptive rate, or losses?

In this post, we make an attempt to answer these questions in plain English while avoiding technical jargon to the extent possible.


Running hot in the cooling business  🚀

Nearly 1 in 4 air conditioners sold in India are contractually manufactured by Amber. In this article, we do a complete 360-degree analysis of the company w.r.t domestic macroeconomic factors, competition from China, future prospects of the company, etc.

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[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Weekend Musings by Krishna Appala on bull markets and open discussion on how the markets behave during such times. [link]
  • We discuss Indian Hotel Industry amidst the pandemic and why this hotel stock is hitting ATH during non-existent travels. [link]
  • That’s how we get together and form a view about the stock – fundamentally and technically. [link]
  • Two similar business models, operating in the same space, and a tough call which one is better. We discuss. [link]
  • APL Apollo is out with Q4FY21 earnings and Soumeet Sarkar shares a quick update. [link]

Links we Like✨

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • In this article, Farnam Street’s founder, Shane Parrish, talks about how we learn from our experiences, how we process information, why our decision-making process may be flawed, and finally, how to make better decisions. Read: The Truth About Mental Models with Shane Parrish
  • Charlie Munger quipped at the recent Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting “the millennial generation is going to have a hell of a time getting rich compared to our generation”. That’s strange, since all that seems to be making money these days, are the cryptos and YOLO trades that go all the way to the moon. Let’s see if this read helps us understand – Is It Harder For Young People to Get Rich Today?
  • An investor invests in a business or commodity or asset only after first investing in the idea of it. Explore more on the psychology of investing – Read: The Investor Mindset
  • An interesting read on the rise of Red Bull in an industry dominated by sweeter sugar-based drinks. Read: How Red Bull got its wings?

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Green Markets, Amber Stock, and Red Bull
Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Green Markets, Amber Stock, and Red Bull

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That’s all folks 🤘


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