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Month: August 2018

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Opinion: Why The Rupee Fall To 70 Is Not A Big Deal

Is there a big problem if the USD has appreciated so that it’s Rs. 70 to a dollar? There are some implications, but it’s somehow not that dramatic ...

Core Inflation At Elevated Levels Even As Currency Starts To Dip

Inflation went down to just 4.17% in July 2018. This might look good, but hold on. The biggest helper: Food. The biggest culprit? Everything else. As you can ...

The Emerging Market Currency Rout Deepens. What Happens to the Rupee? (And Steel)

The rupee has just gone again to that evil level of 69. It seems to be almost itching to break out. Which, in comparison with the damage on other BRICS ...

Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Snowman Logistics

At Capitalmind, we often write posts on specific companies that we think are interesting and might make a good investment. In this post, we discuss a company ...

Premium: A Set of Stocks That Are Likely To Benefit From A Growing Rural Economy

Monsoon has been the contributing factor for rural economy. This year has been a big boost for rural households. Starting from MSP hike to loan waivers, ...

Portfolio: Replacing 7 Stocks and Adding One More in Momentum Monthly Rejig

Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part of our Momentum portfolio and reshuffle the portfolio accordingly. This is the ...

Premium (Unlocked): Analyzing the Returns of the Momentum Portfolio at Capitalmind

We have some interesting insights from two strategies that focused purely on Price Momentum in the last year or so. With 25%+ returns, here’s a look at ...

Earnings Growth led Rally or a Valuation led Rally?

In September of 2013, the BJP selected Narendra Modi to become the Prime ministerial Candidate for the forthcoming elections. This was no surprise given that ...

Charts: July Repeats April, Gets a 6% Return on the Nifty

With the Nifty staying firmly above 11,000 for the first time since January, the month of July returned 6%. This is the best month after April, and takes 2018 ...