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Options Workshop in Bangalore: Sign Up For A Great Session


On Saturday, September 3rd, we’ll conduct an awesome session on Options, in Bangalore. This is a workshop on options – and is meant for traders who would like to harness the power of options and work through various strategies that we use, regularly, in Premium channels, to make risk-controlled returns.
Options Workshop
The full day workshop includes a working lunch and a networking dinner. You will learn from traders who’ve been trading options for years, and you will have access to tools that will make your trading simpler and smarter!
The Agenda is:
9:00 AM: Registration and Entry
9:30 AM to 1pm: Abhijit Phatak will speak on how to use option charts to trade options.

  • Introduction to option charts: How op
  • Identifying low cost trade setups for Long options, for positional trades
  • Intra-day options trading: identifying strong setups in options by looking at PE and CE charts
  • Straddles and strangles through charts, and you will get access to near-real-time charts of straddles and strangles as well.
  • Working with the OI and PCR, and how they can be used effectively. Using tools to track Change in OI and PCR at various strikes to manage your positions.

1pm: Working lunch with Q&A and examples.
2pm to 6pm: Deepak Shenoy will work through various option strategies:

  • Non-Directional Strategies – making returns no matter where the index goes. In this, Writing Straddles – Better than Writing OTM Strangles, Using optimum days to expiry rules to minimize risk. How to manage straddle positions on a sharp move, and what exit points to use to close.
  • The IV Rank and where options look attractive to go long or short.
  • Weekly options: Hedged calendar strangles for targeting weekly returns of 2-2.5%, and low VIX strategies of using calendar long spreads.
  • The STT Play: Closer to expiry use BankNifty inversions to gain Time value AND STT.
  • The Warrant Trade: Why HDFC Offers an interesting opportunity for the next two years.
  • Ratio Spreads and when they become attractive.
  • Risk management through options: How to design a strategy with Liquid Bees and options, that involves near-zero capital Risk.

6PM to 9PM: Networking with Dinner and follow up Q&A.
We’ll have a working lunch, a buffet dinner and a great set of people to interact with.
What else? Most of the tools we use are going to be available to you, even after the workshop to use with your trading. We’ll explain in detail how you can use them, and how to find opportunities using what we provide at Snap – the IV Rank, Straddle/Strangle charts, PCR and Liquidity filter charts and so on.
Do sign up for the workshop! If you register early, you get a 20% discount. Prices include service tax.

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Note: this workshop would best suit people who are familiar with the basics of options. If you want to learn the basics, we have a one-hour webinar that speaks of the basics:


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