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Month: August 2016

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Macronomics: Banks Rejoice, But GDP Data and Credit Growth Do Not.

RBL Bank Listed today. And it went up some 30%, a big listing pop. But at the same time, we find that data on the macro, and in banking, isn’t all that ...

Edelweiss Revenue Increases by 27% and Profit Up by 53% YoY: Jun 2016

Edelweiss Financial Services has disclosed the Q1 results of FY17, Revenue has increased by 26.97% mainly due to higher credit growth, and net profit has ...

The Perils of Pledging: MBL Infra Tanks 75% in a Year

MBL Infra’s been falling. And falling hard. The stock is at its lower circuit today at -20%, and while there are a lot of questions about this, ...

Portfolios: Adding Two More Stocks As Nifty Hits a 52 Week High

The Nifty hit a new 52 week high today. And while we rejoice in general – the long term portfolio is absolutely rocking – we are going to add a ...

Macronomics: Forex Reserves Peak Just Before the FCNR Storm Hits

In Macronomics today, we’ll take a look at this whole FCNR thing once again, before the storm comes. We spoke of it in December 2015. (Read: The story of ...

Good News: Pulses See 34% Growth in Sowing, Prices Likely to Cool Down

We’ve seen prices of dals soaring to over Rs. 200 per kg. And the only way to solve that problem is to produce more dal – or lentils, which are ...

Saving For Retirement: How Much is "Enough"?

Capital Mind has focussed on a lot of topics. We have decoded scams, we have requested regulation, we have demystified budgets, we have investigated corporate ...

Yellen Says It Could Be Time For a Rate Hike, Excess Reserves Tell Us a Story

Janet Yellen is never going to raise the fed rate, it seems. The language these bankers are using is so hedged that you wonder why they even say anything at ...

Smartcaps: A Stock That is a Better Mutual Fund Than a Mutual Fund

This is Capital Mind Premium content: Where else would get: An equity mutual fund at 40% to 60% discount to NAV Invested in most of the big companies in ...

The Nifty 500 P/E Hasn't Been This High Since…April 2000.

A few days back we posted about the Nifty P/E – and got a ton of requests about the even broader market. Is the Nifty 500 – the top 500 stocks of ...