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Macronomics: Are FIIs really selling? Oh, and India’s a net exporter now

Are Foreign Investors really selling? Is the Indian Rupee getting stronger? And India turns net exporter! Here's a look at the Indian macro ...

Macronomics: The RBI Swap Explained: Of Liquidity and a Much Cheaper Dollar Hedge

Here’s a quick explanation of the RBI Swap that has recently been announced. First, the background. Things have been a little crazy on the credit growth ...

Chart: The History of the Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate Since 1966

Historical chart of the Indian Rupee versus the US Dollar from ...

The Emerging Market Currency Rout Deepens. What Happens to the Rupee? (And Steel)

The rupee has just gone again to that evil level of 69. It seems to be almost itching to break out. Which, in comparison with the damage on other BRICS ...

The Rupee Rushes Back to 65. RBI Has The Reserve To Sell, But Will It?

The Rupee made a huge move today, after sitting below Rs. 64 for more than two months. The rupee is now at 65 (after market) and looks really weak. This is not ...

The Commerce Ministry Is Not Going To Devalue The Rupee

There’s some brouhaha that the Commerce Ministry wants to devalue the rupee somehow, and will recommend it in some fashion. The news has been denied by ...

Why Brexit Puts Maruti's Margins Under Pressure

You won’t believe how the Indian listed auto major, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, gets battered by a referendum that wants the UK to split from the EU. ...

The Rupee is in Trouble Yet Again, USDINR Breaks Beyond an 18 Month Resistance

This is part of a long piece we have scheduled for Capital Mind Premium subscribers.  The rupee is above Rs. 64 to a USD. This has again breached a ...

The Rupee Does Way Better Than Big Emerging Market Currencies in 2015

The Indian Rupee is the best performing currency in the BRIC. Even the Indonesian Rupiah has devalued substantially.     Much of this is because the ...