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Earnings Report Closing Piece : 3QFY17 : 663 Companies Till Date With Management Comments!

Here is a quick summary of the 3QFY17 financial results for all the companies announced till date. This is the final results piece for 3QFY17 having covered ...

Tata Coffee Reports 58% Profit Growth, Despite Revenue De- Growth Of 7.46%

Tata coffee has reported lower sales for the quarter. Revenue saw a de-growth of 7.46%. Even with that Tata Coffee managed to churn a profit growth of 58% YoY. ...

Super Hot TataCoffee! What’s Roasting?

Unbelievable move by Tata Coffee over the last week or so. The stock’s up from 570 to 907 in five days, a ridiculously massive move. I’ve been ...