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Reliance Capital And Its Credit Woes

Anil Ambani has been lately in all the wrong news.  From the Rafale controversy to his Ericsson settlement, this hasn’t been a good news year for the ...

Nippon Life to Increase Stake in RCAM; Reliance Capital Shares Close at 4.24% Higher

Nippon Life Insurance Co: announced earlier today that they would be upping their existing stake in Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM), from 26% to 49% ...

Tech Gloat: Nifty Falls to Lower Bollinger Band, Is Airtel Setting Up too?

I wrote in a tech note on July 29 that multiple indicators point to a fall in the Nifty. Two very powerful ones seem to be an Bollinger Band rejection along ...

Reliance Capital Displays Patriotism By Not Selling Gold

Reliance Capital has decided not to sell gold as an investment product, in a press release that defies imagination: Reliance Capital, a part of the Reliance ...