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Chart: Coming Back To Cash One Year After Demonetization

It’s been a year since Demonetization! At 8 pm on November 8, 2017, Prime Minister Modi told us all that the big notes we have – Rs. 500 and Rs. ...

RBI Frees Short Sales of Bonds, Lets Retail Buyers Into Weekly Bond Auctions

The RBI announced a very boring credit policy with no changes to CRR or Interest rates. But one thing it did say was that: 13. Review of Short Selling ...

RBI Annual Report Reveals It Got Back Nearly All The Banned Notes After Demonetization

We wrote earlier this month that the cost of Demonetization was Rs. 34,000 cr. after a much lower dividend from the RBI. We even written in November 2016 that ...

The Cost of Demonetization: Rs. 34,000 cr. in Lower RBI Payout, Likely from Interest on Excess Cash

The RBI will pay Rs. 306.59 billion (Rs. 30,659 cr.) to the government as a “surplus”. Versus Rs. 65,000 cr. in the previous years. Oh my goodness, ...

Bonds Lose 3%-7% on RBI Stance Change. Auction Failure Likely?

Bonds have fallen substantially in two days, losing up to 7% in the misery that market participants have felt after RBI turned the knob from ...

No Rate Cut: Bonds Fall 2% after a Disappointing RBI Policy

RBI leaves all rates unchanged, in a surprise move to remove the “accomodative” stance they had so far. They’ve moved to ...

RBI Removes Cash Withdrawal Limits for Current Accounts. Limits Continue for Savings Accounts

RBI has removed withdrawal limits on current accounts and overdrafts, and all ATM limits it had placed. Notification: Limits placed vide the circulars cited ...

Chart: Foreign Investors Exit Government Debt In A Hurry, Sell 33,000 cr. In A Month

Foreign Investors loved Indian government debt for a long time. But recently, that love has gone away. After Trump and Demonetization they have sold over Rs. ...

The Market Stabilization Scheme And What It Means

One of the costs of demonetization – and the cash withdrawal limits on banks – is that there’s a lot of money in the banking system now. This ...

RBI Doesn't Cut Rates, Spooks Bonds and Stocks From Inflation Fears

RBI hasn’t cut rates at all. We were wrong. In the policy statement, the RBI has kept rates the same at 6.25% (Repo). The reverse repo rate is 5.75%. The ...