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L&T Buyback: Should you tender your shares?

L&T launched its first-ever buyback, sized at 10,000 Cr. This move is primarily to help achieve their FY26 target of an ROE above 18%. If you hold L&T shares, ...

The Mindtree L&T Takeover Saga Raises the Question – To whom does a Company belong?

When a company goes public, the public investors have their rights. As much as the management which generally holds the largest chunk of shares post the public ...

Premium: By The Numbers – Why L&T’s Buyback Was Rejected, And Why It Isn’t Such A Big Deal

L&T had announced a huge buyback – of Rs. 9,000 cr. – of the company’s shares on a tender offer at Rs. 1450 per share. SEBI’s taken ...

Bharat – 22 – A catch 22 for the Investor?

Unit Trust of India was an Institution created by an Act of Parliament in 1963. The following year it launched a US-64 “fund” which over time ...

L&T Reports 41% Growth In PAT Excluding Its Divestment In Insurance Biz

Larsen and Toubro – the diversified conglomerate has reported a PAT growth of 84.31% to 1435 cr. along with a revenue growth of 8.16%. The results also ...

Finally, The Government Shows Signs of Selling Their SUUTI Holdings

Finally, the government will sell, or attempt to sell, the SUUTI holdings it has in various companies. We’ve written about this in Capital Mind many ...

Technicals: The BB-Reject+MACD Strategy Works On Hourlies Too

The Bollinger Band Reject + MACD Strategy seems to be working on hourly bars as well. I have been tracking this for the last five days and the strategy seems ...