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Podcast #24: How big is LIC anyway?

  ‘Roughly for every taxpayer we have one policy holder in LIC. So it’s literally saying they own the insurance space, and probably all of ...

Private Insurers and Their Claims Rejection Ratios: Who Can You Trust?

  In our first and second edition of Capital Mind Data Monster’s Life insurance Sector chronicle, we have talked about the premium collection of ...

How Much Are Insurers Growing Their Profits? Data Monster Finds Out

Today is the second edition of the numbers crunched Capitalmind’s Data Monster. You can catch the first installment of this in the here: You Won’t ...

You Won't Believe How Much Insurers Have Lost Since The Misselling Epidemic in 2011: The Insurer Chronicle

Do you have any idea of the war chest with the Life Insurance Corporation of India? After some extensive data crunching on the Mutual Fund Industry, Data ...

Why You Shouldn’t ‘Invest’ in Life Insurance

At Yahoo, I write about Why you shouldn’t invest in Life Insurance: The three reasons people buy insurance is: a) To save tax. b) As an investment, to make a ...