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[Newsletter]: GST collection breaks record, Market Overview & More

USDINR and Nifty 50 are both going strong but today, they are where they were last week. Gold is super strong and it inched up another 2%. Crude is weak this ...

Podcast: How Slow Is The Indian Economy? (Episode-8)

‘Under normal circumstances, merging PSUs would have been impossible, had the government tried it 5 years ago, there would been riot on the street, today ...

The Unintended Consequence of making Sanitary Pads 0% GST

The government finally made 0% duty for Sanitary pads. This is after much demand, back and forth, of this particular tax cut. But the road to hell is paved by ...

Macronomics (Unlocked) : How GST Makes Tax Collectors Out Of All Of Us.

Customer: What soups do you have? Waiter: There’s clear soup. And there’s GST soup. Customer: What’s GST soup? Waiter: It’s not clear. ...

Six Different Rates and a Cess: The Early Agreement on a Simplified GST

We finally have GST! Or something like GST. We have six different rates, for different items. Central and state governments has finally found some agreement on ...

The GST Bill Was Not Passed Today. That Will Have To Wait.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is being discussed fervently today because the Rajya Sabha passed something. Typically what the Rajya Sabha has been doing in ...

The Revenue Neutral Rate for GST, in Nice Looking Graphs

The Finance Ministry has released the report on the “Revenue Neutral Rate” for GST. This may be purely academic because the thought of going to ...

The Government Talks Austerity; Mid-Year Fiscal Deficit Highest in 5 years

We’re a little more than midway into the Financial Year 2014-2015: perfect time for a comparative analysis of the performance of the new government. How bad ...