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6 ArticlesGoldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs Asset Management sells 200,000 shares of Eveready Industries

Eveready Industries (click here to view this on our SNAP Analytics Tool) – is the flagship company of the B.M. Khaitan Group. The brand Eveready has been ...

Flowering Tree Investment Management (Ashoka PTE) and Goldman Sachs India Fund reduce stake in VRL Logistics

  VRL or Vijay Anand Road lines – the bruised stock of the week. VRL Group of companies are one of the leading business group of Karnataka state, India. ...

Deal Flow – 15/02: Amansa sells Kirloskar Brothers and Goldman Sachs India mops up more of Teamlease Services

Today, Amansa Capital sold 1/3rd of what it held in Kirloskar Brothers, and Goldman bought 0.5% more of the recently listed Teamlease. Part of our daily Deal ...

Michael Lewis writes about AIG

Michael Lewis on how A.I.G. and the insider view, beats up Joe Cossano. Also talks about how Goldman got away with their 100 cents on the dollar, which ...

Matt Taibbi And The Goldman Saga

Goldman Sachs, in my opinion, has started its descent. For years, it has been out there, surviving crisis after crisis, managing to make tons of money and pay ...

Buffett gets in; Goldman Sachs is the bet

Warren Buffett is now officially in. The grand old man of value investing has just pumped in $5 billion into Goldman Sachs. Obviously this is viewed on the ...