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Laying the Dividend Yield Portfolio To Rest

We’ve decided to let one of our portfolios go. This is the Dividend Yield portfolio, which we did mention earlier that we would shutter soon. ...

Premium: Exits and Realignment of the DivYield and EV Portfolios

Sometimes companies misbehave. Sometimes circumstances hurt them. Some other times, they are accused of dirty activities. The result, in the stock market, is ...

Portfolio: Taking One Exit and Adding 8 More Stocks to DivYield Portfolio

Dividend Yield portfolio is designed for investors who want consistent cashflows for their investments over a period of longer term. Dividend was one of the ...

Premium (Unlocked): The Performance of the Capitalmind Premium Portfolios in 2017

2017 was a good year for the financial markets. Save for a few, almost every stock market registered gains. Our own markets weren’t different with both ...

Portfolio: Removing Canara Bank From DivYield Portfolio On Low Dividend Yield

We are removing Canara Bank from our DivYield portfolio. The place is vacant, we will be adding another stock soon. Canara Bank has just given a dividend of Rs ...

Portfolio: Adding A Software Firm To The DivYield Portfolio

What you don’t expect in a Dividend Yield Portfolio? • A 8.5% dividend yield overall • A return of 36% in 15 months (not including dividends) And ...

Portfolio: The Dividend Yield Portfolio Returns 31% and Gets a 7.2% Yield in 14 months

The Dividend Yield Portfolio has been doing well with a 31% return since Jan 2016 (when we started it). And we had a 25% loss in one stock (Noida Toll Bridge) ...

Portfolio: Adding A PSU to DivYield Portfolio

We are adding another PSU Stock in DivYield Portfolio, which has given a significant dividend for last ...

Portfolios (Unlocked) : Capitalmind Performance in 2016 – A Good Year For The Five Portfolios

The year has been rotten, for the markets overall. The Nifty’s flat. Smallcaps had a good run, but collapsed in the last two months. Midcaps have ...

Portfolio: [stock] Stay or Exit?

Yes, the stock is a huge loss for us, but look at it from a portfolio level. Even if it lost 50%, the overall portfolio gain, as of Oct 27, will be 17.91%. ...