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Chart: How Much Have Nifty 50 Stocks Fallen from their 52 Week Highs?

Nifty is down 6.7% from its peak, but that barely explains the underlying churn that is being seen in the constituents that form the Nifty 50. Nifty 50 is a ...

Macronomics: Why is India Pushing FDI? Charts Show Other Sources are Falling

The government has made some major noises about FDI reforms. But we have figured out why they need FDI, all of a sudden. (See our post on India’s recent ...

Nifty Returns 4% in May on Strong Domestic Buying

The Nifty returns in May have been 4.0% which has taken the annual returns into positive territory, at 2.7% for 2016. This is largely due to huge investments ...

Big 7.9% GDP Growth in Q4 on Manufacturing Revival

How would you measure GDP Growth? By comparing it to last year. And when you get a GDP growth figure like 7.9% you always get up and say, wow! This is the ...

Nifty 10 Year Average Earnings Growth At A New Low, Markets Do Not Care

I was at Thailand at the Traders’ Carnival, and only got back today. The conference was great and hit all the right notes, and there’s so much to ...

Trade Deficit at Lowest in 5 years for April, but Total Trade Slumps as Imports Crash

India’s trade deficit has been the lowest in in about five years at a deficit of $4.85 billion.This is on the back of much lower imports and steady ...

Inflation Jumps to 5.39% in April, Core Inflation Goes Back To Dangerous Territory

India’s inflation for April 2016 sprung a surprise: it went up to 5.39% as a surprise.  The worry really is food inflation. Housing inflation goes up in ...

Charts: Foreign Investors Buy Over 24,000 cr. in India in 2016 Till May

Foreign investors continue to like India but not quite as much as they did in March. After selling about 13,000 cr. worth equities in Jan and Feb, Foreign ...

Monthly Charts: Nifty and Sensex do 1% in April, But Don't Sell in May And Go Away

The Nifty moved 1.4% up in April, which took teh annual return to just about flat (the index is down about 1.2% in 2016). We’ve now had two lousy months ...

Macronomics: Strange Warnings in Macro Banking Data Shows Credit-Fed Housing Bubble As Industry Stalls

The macro world of banking always fascinates us – here’s some graphs and data on how our banking situation is: • Very Low Credit and Deposit ...