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Ahluwalia Contracts, IDFC Bank, Glaxosmithkline & Hindustan Petroleum Witness Big Deals

We bring you the “Big Deals” for today. A summary of the most important Bulk and Block Deals. Today’s Big Deals: Ahluwalia Contracts – an ...

Bharat Forge Promoters Bought Shares For Themselves at Par in Defence Subsidiary: Part 2

After Bharat Forge was caught having reduced its ownership in its key defence subsidiary, Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL),  from 100% to 51%, the ...

Bharat Forge Quietly Sells 49% Stake In Defence Subsidiary, SEBI Should Mandate Disclosure

Bharat Forge fell today after a note from CLSA that said it was “surprised” that the company had sold stake in it’s defence subsidiary, ...

Brexit : All You Need To Know and its Impact on India

On 23 June, the UK will settle a question that’s been rumbling close to the surface of British politics for a generation: should the country remain ...

On CNBC-TV18: Discussing Suzlon and Bharat Forge with Anuj Singhal and Ekta Batra

I was on CNBC TV18 two days ago, talking about Suzlon and Bharat Forge and so on: Some of the things I’ll add more on: For more about what we think on ...