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[Podcast] Going gaga over options in India

 If you are even a little active on social media, especially Twitter, you would have witnessed the ...

[Podcast] Should you invest in a PMS?

 Welcome back to the Capitalmind Podcast – a place where we dissect the nuances of finance and investing, in ...

[Newsletter] Analysing Smallcap 250 correction, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

While mid and smallcase struggled really hard, Nifty 50 had a nice week with a 2% gain. Crude continues to move up and has now touched $94. Gold ended flat ...

[Newsletter] Target higher returns or higher corpus?, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

9 September 2023: Nifty 50 had a solid week, with a 2% increase, while Gold and Silver fell. Crude continues to move up and has now touched $90, increasing our ...

Newsletter: CEO’s letter as we turn 9, 5 Good Reads & A Quiz question!

It seems like everything performed well this week, with crude oil notably making strides towards the $100 mark. Both gold and silver have seen an increase of ...

[Podcast] How to invest a lumpsum amount?

You've tuned in to another episode of The Capitalmind Podcast, where we tackle a question that's been on your mind: "ESOP lumpsum in hand, what's your next ...

[Newsletter] Market overview, CM Chase performance review & 5 good reads

This week, Brent bucked the trend to fall 3.2% while Nifty and Gold also fell at little under 1%. Over 1 year period, Silver is up by 25% and gold is up by ...

[Newsletter] 5 Good reads and 25% off on all products!

🔆 Saturday Coffee Newsletter Independence day offer: 25% off on all products Market Overview: Top indices & asset classes Good Reads: 5 good reads on ...

[Newsletter] Quantitative Growth, 5 Good Reads and Weekly Quiz!

Brent has shot up in the past one month by 12% and surpassed the $85 mark. Nifty 50 and Gold slided slightly this week and they are up by 1% over the past ...

[Newsletter] High ROCE means higher returns?, 5 Good Reads, and Market Overview

Brent Crude has risen by 13% in the past month and is now trading around $84. Nifty 50, Gold and Silver cooled off a bit this week while USDINR gained a ...