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[Podcast] How money gets created in India


Have you ever wondered about the whole money thing – how it’s made, where it comes from? Who makes the rupees you earn and spend? What is this “money supply” thing? In this podcast episode, we’re breaking it all down, and without using any jargon. Okay, some jargon, but not enough to be a pain.

We also promise that this podcast will not remind you about an economics class. Because, it’s not a lecture on economic theories. Nope. It’s more like your friend explaining things in a way that just clicks. You’ll walk away with a bunch of useful insights to help understand the concept of money a little better.

There’s a lot of way wealth is created, and we explore the RBI, the banking system, markets, economies and more.

Make sense of those tricky concepts you read about in newspapers or on business channels. You know, the stuff that usually leaves you feeling a bit puzzled.



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