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Month: December 2023

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Capitalmind Focused Stocks 2023 Performance Review

"As we wrap 2023 with our Focused portfolio's YTD returns at around 42%, our journey through the market's ups and downs has prepared us for what lies ahead. ...

Your own downside protection plan – Capitalmind No Downside Strategy 2024

This strategy works for someone who wants to capture 'almost' all of the upside of Nifty 50 but does not want 'almost' any downside. This 'almost', as you will ...

BSE’s remarkable turnaround riding on India’s equity wave

This post goes back to the basics of the different ways stock exchanges and specifically BSE make money. Can BSE sustain its impressive comeback? As the market ...

No more evergreening through AIFs, says RBI to NBFCs

RBI has a new rule: NBFCs cannot use AIFs to evergreen loans. Let me explain. This is going to take some time. NBFCs have seen increased regulation over time, ...

It isn’t just about yesterday.

Let’s say a man, call him Ajay, has a heart attack while exercising in the gym. He was doing a deadlift with 60 kgs. 25 kgs as weights and 10 on the bar. ...

Narayana Health: Pioneering Scalable and Sustainable Healthcare

Narayana Health ranks as the third-largest healthcare service provider in India, with 5821 operational beds. It trails behind Manipal Hospitals, which has 9500 ...

[Podcast] How money gets created in India

Ever wondered about the whole money thing – how it's made, where it comes from? Well, in this podcast episode, we're breaking it all down, and without using ...

Not all growth is created equal: The four kinds we look for

When we identify a company with growth potential, we generally apply a mental framework to place it into one of the six categories of growth. This approach ...