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What’s up with markets?

Brent has shot up in the past one month by 12% and surpassed the $85 mark. Nifty 50 and Gold slided slightly this week and they are up by 1% over the past month. Silver had a bad week with a 2.5% fall but it still had a better month.

[Newsletter] Quantitative Growth, 5 Good Reads and Weekly Quiz!
Only 3 indices were up this week while the market struggled. IT index was up by 3.1% over the week and gave some respite to its lousy performance over the past year. Pharma stocks have rallied tremendously over the past 1M and 3M timeframes.

[Newsletter] Quantitative Growth, 5 Good Reads and Weekly Quiz!

Quantifying Growth & high-quality Insights

We manage two active portfolios that invest in long-term growth: Surge India in our portfolio management service Capitalmind Wealth, and Focused as part of our do-it-yourself offering Capitalmind Premium.

We believe India is perfectly placed to cash in on infrastructure improvements, booming consumer demand, import substitution, and surging financial sophistication.

As these trends unfold, our portfolios will continue to participate in India’s story by hunting for high-growth businesses aided by strong tailwinds.

In this post, we discuss how a quantitative approach to categorising growth coupled with high-quality insights can help build robust portfolios.

Bar chart showing annualized returns of growth strategies historically outperforming Nifty 50 TRI.

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What we are reading

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  4. The beauty of stock market is provide space for the most optimist and pessimist point of views. The market takes everyone in its stride and its fascinating the see the conviction in both camps. Here’s an analysis that expects gloom in the next decade – Air Pockets, Free Falls, and More Cowbell
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