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Month: August 2023

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CM Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio completes one year with a healthy 20%

For investors who can be a little more hands-on with their portfolio, which only means making the odd change every 12-18 months or so, a combination of active ...

Tips Industries: Playing The Right Notes In the Music Business

With the streaming era, music moved to tiny computers that fit in the palm of our hands. This shift not only transformed how we consume music but also elevated ...

Capitalmind Turns 9!

We turn 9 today, and take you through a few thoughts, learnings and our little bit of advice on how to look at wealth, performance and all the crazy things ...

[Newsletter] Market Overview, How to Invest a Lumpsum and 5 Good Reads

In this edition of newsletter, find out how the market did this week, we get you framework on how to invest a lumpsum amount and find 5 good reads for the ...

Ten Money messages I would share with my younger self

As unintuitive as it'll sound coming from an investment manager, you probably don't need to think about investing as much as you think you do—that and nine ...

Why investing more money matters more than targeting higher returns

There's no end to the fight for higher returns, but is it really worth the effort? If what you need is a pot of gold at the end, is it just better to focus on ...

Jio Financials: Does the demerger from Reliance have value?

Reliance Industries is demerging a small financial company it owns: Jio Financials. We take a look at the small little big thing that becomes a separate entity ...

Allcargo Trade: A Neutral Verdict

In 2022, Allcargo embarked on a strategic demerger, splitting its business into three distinct segments. While the rationale was clear - to simplify structure ...

Momentum makes a comeback, Low Vol continues steadily – Aug ’23

The 3rd 2023 quarterly rebalance of the CM Low Vol portfolio goes out to Capitalmind Premium and CM Low Vol smallcase subscribers this weekend. This post ...

[Newsletter] Market overview, CM Chase performance review & 5 good reads

This week, Brent bucked the trend to fall 3.2% while Nifty and Gold also fell at little under 1%. Over 1 year period, Silver is up by 25% and gold is up by ...