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[Newsletter] Market Overview, How to Invest a Lumpsum and 5 Good Reads


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What’s up with markets?

Silver was up 5% this week and 33% over the year. It has turned out to be a fantastic bet in the last 1 year. This was mostly flat for all other macro instruments that we track.

[Newsletter] Market Overview, How to Invest a Lumpsum and 5 Good Reads

Pvt Bank stocks were up 1.4% this week followed by IT and Media Index. Over 1M and 3M period, Media stocks are leading the pack while the 1 year period is dominated by no-points-for-guessing PSU banks.

[Newsletter] Market Overview, How to Invest a Lumpsum and 5 Good Reads

How to invest a lumpsum?

We tackle a question that’s been on your mind: “I cashed in my ESOPs and with a lumpsum in hand, what’s my next move?”

In a world where SIPs are all the rage, we’re steering the ship towards understanding how to plan investing a lump sum amount in 2023. Weather its your esops, windfall gains, founders exit or a yearly bonus – you’re bound to find yourselves wondering how to invest lump sum amount?

Deepak & Shray walk you through the aspects of managing, deploying and even spending that lumpsum gain. If you sit with a paper and pen, you’ll probably have a step by step plan for yourselves.

Listen In: [Podcast] How to invest a lumpsum amount?


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