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Month: December 2022

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[Newsletter] 31-Dec: APAR above par, Winners and Losers of 2022 & More

🔆 Quick glance Quote: Wisdom in a few words Market Overview: Top stocks & asset classes Of the Chart: Winners and Losers of 2022 Good Reads: 5 good ...

[Newsletter] 24-Dec: Midcaps Nosedive, Bandhan Bank’s 91% Haircut & XMAS Smallcase Offer

🔆 Quick glance Market Overview: Crisp overview of markets & macros Of the Chart: Air travel pre & post covid-19 Good Reads: 5 good reads from across ...

LIC has a golden goose that gives a big profit every quarter

It’s a behemoth, this LIC. It’s bigger than all Indian mutual funds put together in assets, bigger than India's largest bank's deposits. And what it seems ...

Identifying Promising Stocks using Capitalmind Outliers

Capitalmind Outliers is our in-house screening tool that helps discover stocks with trends and momentum in their favor. Here's a quick primer on how it ...

17-Dec: Markets taking U-turn, Forced selling as a special situation, DFM Foods delisting & More

🔆 Quick glance Market Overview: Crisp overview of markets & macros Good Reads: 5 good reads from across the globe Outlier Stock: DFM Foods delisting ...

Calm the fears of market highs with Capitalmind No Downside Strategy 2023

If you are at market highs, your biggest fear is the fall. If you want to protect yourself from a sharp drawdown for the next 1 year, you can use the ...

10-Dec: FPIs Sell Hard, Sector Rotation in 2023, Godfrey Phillips is Outlier & More

Quick glance 🔆 Market Overview: Crisp overview of markets & macros 🔆 Off the Charts: FPI sell hard in 2022, but we still hit ATH 🔆 Good Reads: 5 ...

Wealth Letter Dec 2022: Back to All Time Highs

  What a rebound the markets have seen. The Nifty has run away considerably in the last few months, with a double digit return on a one year basis. ...

Should you invest at market highs?

Between July 1999 and Nov 2022, the Nifty closed at a high on 713 days out of 5,833 days, roughly 12% of all trading days. And since markets have been ...

Which is the best REIT in India?

REITs, a relatively new asset class to Indian investors had seen a huge interest in the last 3Y. Despite the huge popularity, REITs' performance is below par. ...