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Bharat Pe, Chase Strategy in 2021, Deepak’s Memo & More


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What is BharatPe?

It is a B2B fintech player, that enables merchants to accept payments from all UPI apps, through a single BharatPe QR code.

Earlier, companies like Google Pay, PhonePe, etc kept the payments within their closed network. It means PhonePe users can only pay to the merchants who accepted PhonePe. Likewise for Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. This led to merchants requiring QR codes of multiple companies for them to accept payments from different UPI apps.

In 2018, BharatPe tried to solve this problem. They allowed small merchants & SMEs to accept payments on any app using a single QR code. That was revolutionary at that time. However, very soon everyone started to offer a single QR code for all payments. That is when BharatPe ventured into lending.

How BharatPe is different from others?

Unlike Phone Pe and Google Pay which are B2C focused, BharatPe is a B2B player. The app is exclusively designed for merchants, small business owners, mid-scale retailers, etc.

  • B2C focused: Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Mobikwik
  • B2B focused: Paytm, BharatPe, Razorpay, Pine Labs, Mswipe

How BharatPe makes money?

BharatPe is free for merchants. No transaction charges, no processing fees, etc. However, they make money by lending. BharatPe offers loans to merchants who accept payments via the app for over a month. They have all the transactional information of each merchant & offer collateral-free credit to the merchants. These unsecured loans are in the range of ₹20,000 to ₹7 lakh for up to 15 months at an interest rate of 12%. The loans were sourced from its subsidiary Resilient Capital which was incorporated in May 2019.

The company has facilitated loans to over 3L merchants and disbursed around 3000 Cr in the last 18 months. It does monthly disbursal of 300 Cr. The company ventured into P2P lending with their new app 12% club. It allows you to invest or borrow at 12% flat.

Bharat Pe, Chase Strategy in 2021, Deepak's Memo & More Bharat Pe, Chase Strategy in 2021, Deepak's Memo & More

Image source: BharatPe

What next for BharatPe?

The company had clocked around 700 Cr in revenue in FY21. BharatPe had become Unicorn in Aug 2021 after raising $370 Mn led by Tiger Global.

BharatPe had formed a JV with Centrum Group to foray into banking. In Oct 2021, the RBI had issued a small finance bank license to this Centrum Group – BharatPe consortium. Incorporated as Unity Small Finance Bank had commenced its operations in November 2021. BharatPe had become the first fintech to get a Small Finance Bank license. This consortium will take over the assets & liabilities of PMC bank.

Capitalmind Research 💡

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Links we Like✨

In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting. Today’s links are curated exclusively from our slack community: 

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  • Hero Motocorp, which sells its products in over 40 countries globally, has a manufacturing capacity of over 9 million units annually and churns out a new two-wheeler every few seconds from one of its eight production plants spread across India, Bangladesh, and Colombia, is valued for about ~1x Sales. The author tries to figure out – Why? Read – The Business of Hero Moto Corp
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Bharat Pe, Chase Strategy in 2021, Deepak's Memo & More


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