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Ten minute delivery, Zero cost EMI, Dinosaur markets & More


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Ten-minute delivery promise that divided the worldšŸ’„

8 minutes 47 secondsĀ – the average time for Zepto to delivery its order.

This eight-month-old start-up is valued at $570 million & is solving a problem that didn’t exist in the first place. Or is it?

Do we need a 10 min grocery delivery?Ā The answer may be a no. But if someone is giving it anyway, then we will take it. This is a good enough reason to build a business model around it. Low & behold, this space had become a hot topic. More for VCs and less for consumers.

The online grocery war started in 2011 with Bigbasket, Grofers, Peppertap, etc. However, things quickly went south. In 2016, Grofers scaled down from 9 cities in India & Peppertap had shut down.

It took 8 years and $800 Mn of funding for Grofers to get their business model right (at least as per its founder) – The 10-minute grocery delivery.

Or shall we say, they were pushed to do so?

How does the 10-minute delivery work?

All the e-grocery start-ups have picked up a business model called Dark fulfillment centers orĀ Dark Stores.Ā The dark stores are just like a retail warehouse, where you store your products & process the orders. Think of it like cloud kitchens. They are not open to the public. The dark store location largely depends on buying frequency and traffic.

The criticism

The founders of Blinkit & Zepto had received a shocking backlash from the people. The questions were raised on the safety of the delivery partners, their incentives, following traffic rules, etc.

To be fair, these guys are still pivoting the idea. It may take some time for the business model to evolve & get things in order.


As Swiggy, Dunzo, Bigbasket are also getting into 10 min delivery, the stakes are getting high. Zepto is on the race to become the youngest unicorn in India.

The game had just begun. We may not need a 10-minute delivery now. But a couple of years, down the line, this will be a Delta-4 change (see Kunal’s video below to understand it). At that time, our views may not remain the same.

Capitalmind ResearchĀ šŸ’”

  • Youā€™ve heard of the zero-cost EMI, no? You have to buy something, and instead of paying for it now, you just pay for it for over 6 months. Thatā€™s awesome, correct? But it turns out thereā€™s something more sinister now. From a zero-cost EMI, you are likely to be paying 9% or even more. Read – How a Zero Cost EMI Actually Costs 9%

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In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting. Today’s links are curated exclusively from our slack community:Ā 

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Ten minute delivery, Zero cost EMI, Dinosaur markets & More


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