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Unlucky Investor, Cheapest Grocer, Turnaround Story and More


In this week’s edition, we have

  • 2 research articles from Capitalmind
  • Capitalmind Fundas post – Is it a good time to buy?
  • 5 best conversations from our slack community
  • Tweet thread of the week
  • 5 interesting reads curated especially for you

Which online retailer is winning the price war? ⚔️

Your monthly grocery bill might have inched up owing to the price hikes taken by the FMCG companies. The price hikes are due to everything from commodity prices, freight costs, and packaging.

We looked at some hard data for online grocery retailers to see how prices now (Sep / Oct 2021) compare to six months ago. Read on to see our comparison of prices offered by different online grocery retailers and which retailers offer the best prices by product category and overall.

[Read] Online Grocery Shopping: Who’s the cheapest of them all?

Rising from the ashes story? ✈️

Investors from 2008 have stories about companies like Reliance Power, Suzlon, Unitech, Lanco, GMR Infra, Punj Lloyd. Their share prices contained optimism that comes from the potential for decades of growth. Fast forward a decade and a half, and most of these barely survive, staggering under mountains of debt.

One company from the list, however, is attempting a transformation – GMR Infra.

[Premium] GMR Infra Demerger: Opportunity or Hope Story?

[From Archives] Capitalmind Fundas 💡

If we asked you, “How lucky are you as an investor?”, chances are you thought of mostly negative outcomes when you thought of luck. Partly because losses tend to hurt roughly twice as much as gains of the same amount. But also because we are wired to attribute successes to skill and failures to luck.

Why this post on luck? Because one of the most frequent questions we get from folks who’ve been flirting with investing is “Is it a good time to buy?”. We use data to answer just that.

[Read] What if you were the unluckiest investor in India?

[Premium] School of Slack 😎

  • Some insights on how the margin rules work and brokers’ risk management systems. [link]
  • Uncle theta trade results. [Wednesday Trade] [Thursday Trade]
  • Stay calm and don’t panic says Krishna Appala about IRCTC, and other stocks in our Focused Portfolio. [link]
  • Buying Mutual funds for minor kids? Here’s some information [link]
  • There’s a special webinar, for CM members, addressing lifestyle disease management. [link]

Tweet of the week ❤️

Unlucky Investor, Cheapest Grocer, Turnaround Story and More

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Unlucky Investor, Cheapest Grocer, Turnaround Story and More

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