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Mutual fund sahi hai but good time to buy yahi hai?


Summarising the week gone by and serving you the spread while you sip your coffee. In this week’s edition, we have

  • 3 research articles from Capitalmind.
  • 5 interesting reads curated especially for you.
  • 5 conversations from our slack community.

Two to tango!  🕺 🕺

Telecom stocks have been among investors’ favorites lately. Thanks to the Indian Government’s relief package. The key measure announced was a moratorium on AGR and spectrum dues for four years. This has definitely led to the survival of the debt-laden Vodafone Idea.

Share prices of Indus Towers – whose second-largest client is Vodafone Idea – also joined the party, rising 25% in that same time period. From the start of the year, the trend in share prices of both these companies is co-related. No doubt, the fortunes of both these companies are intertwined.

But does continuity of Vodafone Idea indicate strong signals for the tower company – Indus Towers?

[Premium]: Indus Towers – What signal should investors focus on?

Sahi to hai.. lekin ye mutual fund hai kya? 🤔

What happens when you buy a mutual fund? Let’s go behind the scenes to see how your money gets invested when you buy a mutual fund. And what the “Sahi hai” is all about, in the mutual fund industry.

Mutual fund sahi hai but good time to buy yahi hai?

In this article we cover:

  • The five horsemen of the mutual fund industry
  • The Mutual fund buying process
  • Regular vs Direct Mutual Funds

[Read]: Understanding how mutual funds work in India

Is it a good time to buy?⏳

Why this post on luck? Because one of the most frequent questions we get from folks who’ve been flirting with investing is “Is it a good time to buy?”. There are two ways to answer this question – the wrong way or the long way. No points of guessing which one we have always picked 😉

Mutual fund sahi hai but good time to buy yahi hai?

[From Archives]: What if you were the unluckiest investor in India?

[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Quick update on gas prices and their impact on our picks of Focused portfolio. [link]
  • We re-visit our rationale behind exiting a stock that has run up ever since. [link]
  • Uncle theta trade updates: [Wednesday] [Thursday]
  • This thread started with filtering companies in bear grip and went to be a little treasure trove of wisdom. [link]
  • Consulting with the community to determine if consultants are worth consulting. [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting:

  • A supplement to the post shared earlier in the newsletter, here’s a post that answers another typical question amidst a raging bull market – when to sell?
  • Making sense of the role of history in our future. Read: History’s Seductive Beliefs
  • There’s so much happening on the tech side of finance with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, etc. that it makes one wonder – Am I getting old?
  • An article sharing some insights on the otherwise dark world of China’s macroeconomic and demographic scenario through the Evergrande saga. Read up: Explaining Evergrande
  • Comparing two ETFs to understand what works better for investing in US technology stocks. Read VGT Vs. QQQ: One Wins By A Hair

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Mutual fund sahi hai but good time to buy yahi hai?

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