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Crazy NFT, Exciting MLD, and a Crazy Exciting IPO Market!


⭐️ Your weekly update to catch up on most things at Capitalmind and some more.

In this week’s edition, we have

  • 3 research articles & 1 podcast from Capitalmind.
  • A performance snapshot of CM Portfolios.
  • 5 interesting reads curated especially for you.
  • 5 conversations from our slack community.

If you think stock markets are crazy, meet NFT 🤩

On March 11th, 2021, an artist named Beeple (a.k.a Mike Winkelman) watched, from his living room, the ongoing auction of his NFT – a digital collage of his work since 2007.

The auction started at $100, went up to $1 Million within the first 10 minutes. And finally sold for a little over $69 Million.

That’s how crazy things are in the NFT world.


MLDs are getting exciting but do you need them in your portfolio? 🧐

Market Linked Debentures (MLDs) are being sold to individuals and gaining more credence recently. The idea of a market-linked debenture is to have a “bond” that gives you income linked to a certain market index. In this post we cover:

  • What is an MLD? (with examples)
  • Who can buy these MLDs?
  • What are the risks and fine prints?
  • Who shouldn’t buy MLDs?


Is it even a bull run if there’s no IPO every week? 💰

The initial public offering (IPO) rush shows no signs of abating. The IPO market has set a new record as more than 40 companies have submitted their documents. 39 companies have already raised close to ₹ 64,000 crores, while one more will be raising funds this week.

Vedant Fashions Ltd., which owns and operates the ethnic wear brand Manyavar, filed its draft prospectus with the market regulator for an IPO of at least ₹ 1,800 crores.

In this post, we dwell upon its business and see how the numbers stack up.


Back to Basics: Insurance before investments✌️

Deepak sits down with returning guest Ruchir Kanakia, the founder of the insurance distribution company OneAssure to discuss our favorite insurance product – term insurance.

  • How term insurance works for you and the company that sells it to you
  • Debt or Dependents – the two reasons to buy term insurance
  • How much coverage is enough and how much the insurance company will give you
  • And a lot more.

Listen in:

Crazy NFT, Exciting MLD, and a Crazy Exciting IPO Market!

Weekly Performance Update

Here’s a quick update of how Capitalmind model portfolios performed over time. Crazy NFT, Exciting MLD, and a Crazy Exciting IPO Market!

[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Members pour in their wisdom on appropriate position sizing in the #trading-room channel [link]
  • New home buyers are seldom forced to buy Insurance. Is it required? [link]
  • The tracking error can also be an arbitrage opportunity in ETFs [link]
  • If you are bullish on a stock and want to play it via options. What’s better: ITMs or OTMs? [link]
  • Making money on expense ratios is passé. It’s time to milk exit loads. [link]

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Crazy NFT, Exciting MLD, and a Crazy Exciting IPO Market!

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