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A Low Volatility Portfolio That Beats Nifty Black and Blue! 😎


This week we add one more factor based portfolio in our offering, unravel more about the sinking ship that is Vodafone-idea, take a deeper look into the Capitalmind Focused portfolio, and share a very special video of Deepak Shenoy. The “best of slack” feature has some great conversations from our slack community and a free throwback post. We end the newsletter by sharing 3 articles from around the internet that we liked.

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Introducing the Capitalmind Low-Volatility Portfolio 🤩

Low Volatility is not a new concept in India. There is a NIFTY strategy index called the NIFTY 100 Low Volatility 30. In March 2021, ICICI Prudential launched an ETF based on this index. We already liked the idea of a passive instrument investing in low-volatility stocks and said as much in our NFO review.

We set out to explore whether we take the core concept of lower volatility stocks and get a better risk-return profile.

A Low Volatility Portfolio That Beats Nifty Black and Blue! 😎


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Vodafone Idea: Deteriorating hopes of survival 🌧

Will Vodafone Idea survive? Has been one of the most frequently asked questions since the a year ago. Recently, we wrote about . Q1FY22 results, which were released on Saturday, reinforce the impending financial crisis at Vodafone Idea that will hurt the Government of India the most.


A closer look into the Focused Portfolio? 📝

CM Focused hit a new All-Time High & continues its outperformance. It has generated 22.6% alpha over Nifty 50 in the last year. This outperformance was achieved with a 10% cash holding in our portfolio.

In this post we cover:

  • Portfolio Scorecard
  • Recent developments in our holdings
  • A bet on unknown future

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Traders Carnival 2019: Deepak Shenoy talks on Bonds, Macros, and the Nifty!

Markets this week 🚦

Markets showed no love to Metals and Paper stocks while Healthcare and IT stocks held up the index as much as they could. Between some decent up-moves and sharp falls, the CNX500 managed to close just 0.9% down from last week.

A Low Volatility Portfolio That Beats Nifty Black and Blue! 😎

[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Discussion on the auto ancillary market and if Ola electric 2W will make an impact? [link]
  • It’s a bull market. But then, we are certain this market is neither driven by earnings or the economic triggers. Go in cash? [link]
  • Which large-cap active mutual fund makes sense is the question but this forum is far too biased. [link]
  • This thread is taking the “making finance fun” to a whole new level. [Enjoy]
  • When I say #AbeyYaar and it doesn’t ring a bell to you then you are going to be happy discovering this series of posts. Let’s start with Abeyaar #2: Book Value.

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A Low Volatility Portfolio That Beats Nifty Black and Blue! 😎

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