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China stalls, Rolex rolls and a special offer for you!


China is beating down some of its tech firms that seem to have become too big for their convenience. It may seem outrageous but this madness has a method to it. On the other hand, we have two new IPOs inviting bids and this madness of new listing has little method other than the bull market that we are blessed with. Read on to explore more about both of these things and a lot more about investing and finance.

Oh, and yes, if you came here for the special offer – just scroll to the end.

Markets this week 🚦

The CNX500 index looks like a sea of green with some little red dots to scare away bad omen. Paper stocks are absolutely rocking the markets while metal stocks continue to shine. The broad index ends up flat even after some eventful intraday moves.

China stalls, Rolex rolls and a special offer for you!

The great stall of China

China just cracked down heavily on its homegrown technology companies. They’re beating up their tech companies and causing the investing world to wonder why they’d drop an axe on their own feet. It certainly seems to be a stupid thing to do but, if we go by recent history, China is far from stupid.


Should Indian investors invest overseas? Well, Yes. 🌟

India is roughly 7% of the world’s GDP. A large part of economic activity happens outside our borders. Unless you count introducing the sachet version of the 14th variant of a dandruff shampoo as innovation, the most innovative companies in the world are outside India. And that’s why it is imperative to look beyond India.


Broker stays longer than most of our investments – choose carefully! 🤝

Opening a broking account is one of the first things you would need to do to get started as an Investor or Trader. In this post, we do a detailed comparison of two of the larger broking houses in India. Which brokerage should you pick?


Is this Rolex expensive too? 📈 📉

Rolex Rings Ltd. will be the first company to come out with an initial public offering that earlier had entered corporate debt restructuring. The IPO is being done largely to provide an exit to an investor – Rivendell PE, formerly known as New Silk Route. This may sound but is it bad enough to not subscribe?

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Pharma being the flavor of the current market, should you subscribe for IPO? 📊

Glenmark Pharma has been a wealth creator in the past 2 decades (27% CAGR since 2001). A new IPO from the group will have a fair share of interest among long-term investors. A spin-off of its API arm is looking to hit the primary market. The company will be raising 1513 Cr of which 1060 will be a fresh issue. They are going to use these proceeds to pay back their promoter.


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China stalls, Rolex rolls and a special offer for you!
China stalls, Rolex rolls and a special offer for you!


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