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Shaky Economy, Shiny IPOs, and a Standout Stock – Capitalmind Saturday Coffee


These are crazy times in the stock markets – there’s the drama unfolding around Adani group companies, there’s even more drama in bond markets [] and uncharacteristically, has more to say on what not to buy [ and ] then what to buy.

While we discuss all of these on our , there’s more that we want to share in this newsletter. Read On.

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Markets this week 🚦

Metal stocks snapped and turned ~6% negative. Telecom and Agriculture based sectors stayed afloat in a market that went “the yo-yo way” during the week. Finally, the CNX 500 closed 1.2% down as compared to last week.

Shaky Economy, Shiny IPOs, and a Standout Stock - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee

Capitalmind Wealth Letter May 2021 🍀

writes a letter for clients sharing his thoughts about the month gone by. In this edition, he explores –

  • how the second wave of Covid-19 has changed things
  • how things may unfurl in future
  • where do the newer opportunities lie


With great discount comes great dilution! 🎭

Recently, JSW Ispat went through a bankruptcy resolution and took a massive equity dilution.

We answer:

  • Why? Why would a promoter attempt to sell shares at a price 40% lower than the market price?
  • Is it a steal at this price?
  • The hidden problem that makes this company terribly unattractive even at Rs. 35!


Stock Markets love this cocktail! 🍸

Shaky Economy, Singing Markets, and Shiny IPOs – a cocktail that’s served very often in the world of stock markets. A lot of times, it leaves retail investors shaken as well as stirred.

Will this time be different? Are these companies worth buying into or holding on to when they list? decodes this for us.

[Premium Read]

[Premium Read]

A 360° analysis of Mahanagar Gas ⭐️

The city gas distribution industry is the best business in the entire oil and gas space. And there are reasons for it: limited regulation, low penetration, business model aligned with government policies, and higher competitive fuel prices.

But does that mean an investor should lap up all the city gas distribution stocks?

[Premium Read]

[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Introducing – Office Hours with Capitalmind Team. One hour on Zoom session with CM team for QnA on CM products and more [link]
  • (If and) When crude turns $100, where will you turn? [link]
  • Now Playing: Drama of the Debt Markets feat. the RBI [link]
  • Did you know you can nominate someone to inherit your email account as well? Yes, you can, and you must consider doing it [link]
  • Aaj ki Adani khabar: We discuss different aspects related to the Adani group of companies [Impact on Debt Markets][How Momentum PF is dealing with it][Can of worms?]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

the best investment community in India.

Shaky Economy, Shiny IPOs, and a Standout Stock - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee
Shaky Economy, Shiny IPOs, and a Standout Stock - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee

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