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Rising Crude, Pivoting Reliance – Capitalmind Saturday Coffee!


While the prices of crude oil inch up, the biggest energy company in the country talks about decreasing dependence on crude. What’s more – We discuss an innovative business model, an experimental trading opportunity and leave you with 3 links from across the world that we find interesting.

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Markets this week 🚦

Paper stocks have been breaking out for a month now and are also among the best-performing stocks since the last 3 months. Followed by healthcare and telecom. However, Oil & Gas and Power sectors didn’t do much in the last week.

Rising Crude, Pivoting Reliance - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee!

The rude rise of crude! 💡

The fortunes of this company, moves in line with global crude oil prices, as they affect its average realisation from every barrel of the oil sold.

In 2021, Brent crude oil, the benchmark for half the world’s crude, climbed about 44%. During the same time period, shares of this company rallied over 31%. We try to play this special situation through an experimental trade.


The much awaited tariff hike?⏳

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., a few days back, did what most telecom companies routinely do – announce new tariff plans. Generally, telecom companies experiment with new plans to attract new users. Similarly, Reliance Jio introduced “Jio Freedom Plans” at five different price points.

Then what was so different about what Jio did?


The “tech for equity” business model!  🤙

Incorporated in 2015, Xelpmoc (Complex spelled backward) is an IT company with its HQ in Bangalore. Xelpmoc provides technical consulting services with a focus on data science, analytics & product development.

They cater to clients across e-commerce, transportation, logistics, recruitment, financial services & social networking. Can the company give exposure to the unlisted equity of the start-up world?

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[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • One of our focussed PF stock comes out with quarterly results [link]
  • We discuss a complex business that is literally the opposite of complex. [link]
  • A quick note on India Pesticides IPO. [link]
  • We de-clutter the reliance AGM and break all the “Giga” announcements into micro points. [link]
  • How to effectively use covered calls for a long only trade? [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • How many people does it take to make things happen? Someone selling a motivational seminar will say “One!” while a mathematician will say “3.5%”. For today, we’re motivated to read what the mathematician has to say. [The ‘3.5% rule’: How a small minority can change the world]
  • Almost everyone preaches to not try to time the market and almost everyone eventually tries to time the market. Maybe, it’s because the decision “to time or not to time” does not work well at the extremities. [I tried timing the market – now what?]
  • Reliance laid out a Rs 75,000 crore plan to invest in new energy sources and build an entirely clean energy value chain. It’s a good time to ponder upon how the future would look like. [Imagining a World After Fossil Fuels]

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Rising Crude, Pivoting Reliance - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee!

Rising Crude, Pivoting Reliance - Capitalmind Saturday Coffee!

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