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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee – Karan-Arjun and Ma.


At Capitalmind we write about the rise in day trading, an upcoming IPO candidate, the latest FT saga, and an update on the momentum portfolio. On slack, we discuss a wide range of topics that concern us. We end the newsletter with a few picks from across the world that make as good reads for an investor. Oh, and yes, the title will make sense once you finish reading the newsletter.

Markets this week 🚦

Whatever red you spot in the chart is just there to stop anyone from casting an evil eye on our markets. Paper leads the pack with 9% growth last week while cement industry struggled a little.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Karan-Arjun and Ma.

Toughest way to make easy money!

Due to lockdowns, there’s more disposable income than ever and lower bank interest rates are pushing investors towards higher return yielding avenues. Maybe that’s why India saw a record number of DEMAT account openings in FY 20-21, almost double that of the previous year.

So here’s what we learned about trading, investing and money making in general.


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Did you make hay in May?

“Sell in May and go away” they said. In April, we observed the start of a shift from mega-caps to mid-caps in terms of momentum. Some large-caps got back their mojo but overall mid and small-caps had a better time of it in May.

Here’s a quick recap of the month gone by and factsheet of Momentum Portfolio


The Karan-Arjun pair of our times – Bull Markets and IPOs #PyaarKaBandhan

After a brief lull, IPOs are back. And so is the bull market. This time it’s an integrated metal producing company – Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd. which is looking to raise ₹ 909 crores. IPO opens on June 14th.

Does it make sense for investors to subscribe to this IPO?

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SEBI drops the hammer!

In the latest developments of the saga, SEBI has finally dinged Franklin Templeton a huge fine for what they did last year. We have been covering the story since it began and here is the latest.


[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • A good discussion on pledging of stocks or mutual funds for margin that can be used for F&O trading. [link]
  • GAIL and its plan for ethanol-blended production project. Will it pay off? [link]
  • Dear PMS customers, we have a little request for you. [link]
  • There are signs that even government backed companies will have increased credit risk. Time to be very careful? [link]
  • Bharat Bond ETF vs Liquid fund as collateral for trading FnO? [link]
  • At #world-markets, we discuss the future of B2B tech. [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • From a heartwarming rise to a heartbreaking fall. Forbes covers the recent blows to the billionaire – The Sad End Of Jack Ma Inc.
  • The markets are booming and you’ll hate it for anyone to spoil the party. But the best investors always look for counter-evidence and here’s one. An article that will take you back to the gloomy days of 2008 and remind you of a blockbuster finance movie. Read: The bigger short
  • We’re soon approaching times where the debate of Active Vs Passive funds will heat up. Here’s an article that explains what doesn’t work in favor of actively managed funds. Read: The cost of active fund management
  • The volatility index (VIX) is down 40% from its peak last month. The markets seem to have calmed down and are gradually moving upwards. However, “VIX is cyclical”, explains the second half of this article. Read: Market volatility is dead; long live volatility

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Karan-Arjun and Ma.
Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Karan-Arjun and Ma.

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