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The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase


The Capitalmind Momentum smallcase

Capitalmind Momentum is the longest-running Momentum Strategy on smallcase. This portfolio has been available on smallcase since Jan 2019. There is a lot of interest in finding the best momentum smallcase and while we’re not making a claim to that, we believe the Capitalmind Momentum smallcase does a good job of harnessing the price-momentum factor while also taking into account the liquidity of underlying stocks.

Capitalmind Momentum smallcase by Capitalmind


In early 2019, to make execution and rebalancing easier, we put the Momentum portfolio on smallcase. Here’s a snapshot of the performance since publishing on smallcase. (

The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase


You can look at real-time performance on the smallcase site. Click the image below.

The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase

You can subscribe to the Capitalmind Momentum smallcase directly at

The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase

We publish monthly fact-sheets of Momentum portfolio performance. Here are notes from the last few months:

2021 Full-Year Review Capitalmind Momentum Review

Oct & Nov 2021: Marginally up in a down market [link]

Sep 2021 Quietly positive September amidst global rumbles [link]

Aug 2021 Momentum takes a pounding in a frenetic August [link]

July 2021 Good things come in small packages in frothy July [link]

June 2021 A rollercoaster June, a late surge, and a reminder [link]

May 2021 What sell in May and go away? [link]

Apr 2021 A strong start to the financial year as large caps make way [link]

Mar 2021 A rollicking end to the financial year but markets send mixed signals [link]

At Capitalmind Premium, we offer the same portfolio in a non-smallcase format. (Small case access is not included, but you can execute the transactions independently by yourself). Premium subscribers get access to:

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Best Momentum smallcase

Read some of our posts on Momentum Investing as a strategy to know more:

The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase

The Capitalmind Momentum Smallcase

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