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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee – Your weekly catch up of Investing and Finance


This week: A new (but definitely not unknown) stock enters the CM Focused Portfolio, a new IPO on the cards, a simple framework for investors to size their positions, how investors can pick between Mutual Funds and PMS and more…

Markets this week 🚦

The markets witnessed a sea of green this week led by Cement, Media, and Service sectors while the Metals continued reverting to mean after the recent run-up.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Your weekly catch up of Investing and Finance

Size up that opportunity? 📝

Good traders worry all the time about blowing up. So they cap their exposure to any single position. Most active investors have the opposite problem. They tend to be under-allocated to their best investments.

How much to allocate to active positions deserves some attention. This post looks at a few common-sense rules about position sizing for investors.


Reliance seems to be ready to 🚀

We encapsulate the business model, impact of lockdowns, recent stock performance, and a comprehensive valuation checklist for this Oil to Telecom behemoth that seems to be warming up for the next big leap.

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A unique business is about to list 💡

Medi Assist, the largest Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the country, has filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) for an upcoming IPO. The Rakesh Jhunjhunwala backed company is offering 2.8 Crore Shares which is 40% of its Equity for sale.

We comb through the prospectus to get the specifics of the TPA business and ends with some questions for management.

Read –

The School of Slack 😎

The most insightful discussions from our slack community this week [Premium Access]

  • What makes the most sense for an individual investor – Investing via PMS Vs Mutual Funds Vs Do-It-Yourself approach. [link]
  • A good discussion on how to passively allocate money towards debt. We discuss bonds, mutual funds, and GSecs. [link]
  • One of the stocks from our Focussed portfolio released earnings report and we share a quick update on the same [link]
  • The puzzle is to determine which day the market will trend. While we solve this, we get a trending thread. [link]
  • One of our friends in the community has put together numbers for us showcasing the yields for Embassy REIT. [link]

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Your weekly catch up of Investing and Finance

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Your weekly catch up of Investing and Finance

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