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Month: February 2019

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The Magic Formula Reviewed and Stock List for 2019

We had written a post at the beginning of last year on the Magic Formula and had created two portfolios with companies having market capitlization of greater ...

Premium: The Rise of Index Funds in India, And How You Can Take Advantage Of It

Index funds only invest in companies that constitute an index. This can be a good thing, because as the value of the index rises, so does the index fund NAV. ...

Nifty Small Cap Index is massively down. Should You Buy?

The Nifty Small Cap Index is down 40% from its peak, the Nifty Mid Cap Index is down 25% from its peak while Nifty 50 is down just 8% from the peak. In terms ...

Podcast Episode 2: Are Index Funds Outperforming Actively Managed Funds?

  We had a good response to our first episode: (Episode 1: On Debt Funds Losing Money). Today we bring you Episode 2. It’s about a topic ...

NSE Cracks Down on Financing Schemes Used By Deep In The Money Option Players

A new circular from NSE changes the financing game for people who’ve been using the options market for financing deals. The NSE will require cash to be ...

Walk the Talk: Conference Call Insights from the Tyre Industry – Q3FY19

As part of our  Walk the Talk series started last quarter, we look at the quarterly results and conference calls of companies in the selected industry and ...

The Uno Minda and Harita Merger – Is There An Arbitrage Opp?

Harita Seating has recently announced its merger with Minda Industries. The merger comes at a low point for Harita seating in terms of slowing fundamentals. ...

We Add a Telecom Stock to our Long Term Multicap Portfolio

We tend to see markets overvalue and undervalue companies all the time. The crowd is not wrong other than at extremes. This applies both to the higher extreme ...

Q3FY19 Earnings Report : Results in the Long Term Multicap Portfolio

APL Apollo came up with Q3 results last week and had a conference call on 18th Feb. Below is the snapshot from the results and notes from the conference call. ...

Outlier In Focus: A Quick View of Varun Beverages Limited

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. Here’s a look at Varun ...