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#Linkfest: Missing Promoters, Too Much Ola and Uber, Coal is Here to Stay


At Capitalmind Premium, we have a very active Slack channel where we discuss a lot of interesting topics. In there,  a number of interesting links come our way. Here’s a bu

1. If you are looking for some corporate drama, this one should be on the top of your reading list. Harshad Thakkar, the promoter of a listed lingerie company went missing and independent director and another member of their audit committee resigned. What’s more? CARE Ratings downgraded the company’s debt, long after this fiasco was reported and way WAY after it became evident that the company has been unable to reduce its debt.

2. Too much Ola and Uber at Maruti? Says Kamalika Ghosh at Scroll. High sales to the aggregators and a lower margin on those sales cut into profits, apparently. (Of course there were other factors too – a delayed festive season this year, higher input prices and GST Impact that had a higher base last year)

3. The nightmares of ex-ceo of ICICI bank, Chanda Kochhar don’t seem to end anytime soon. Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, one of India’s top law firm, had given her a clean chit back in 2016 as they didn’t have enough evidence. But now they found that important information was not given to them. So, they withdrew the report that cleared Chanda Kochhar. It’s like giving candy to your kid and then taking it away because you found out that your kid lied to you about getting high marks in the term end exams.

4. I wonder if it ever occurred to anyone how had IL&FS been paying dividends despite not having money to give to anyone. Curiouser and curiouser!

5. Despite the liquidity crisis of NBFS, especially in the housing finance sector, Kotak Investment Advisers are of the opinion that this will not trigger a fire sale. Therefore, if you are invested in the real estate market, this might be quite a crucial time for you.

6. You know your neighbour doesn’t like you very much when they put high tariffs on your products and lets other close by neighbours to export their products duty free. This is precisely the problem India is trying to sort out with China.

7. Speaking of China, we are beating them in electric vehicles segment… with rickshaws. More precisely, e-rickshaws. And guess what? The Indian government is pushing towards it too.

8. Madhu Alexiouse, COO, Muthoot Capital, talks about their performance in the coming quarters in this year and how they plan on bringing down their NPAs.

9. You have got to love the zeal and fighting spirit of the people of Bengaluru. Last year they successfully stopped the Rs 1800-crore VVIP steel flyover project, and this year they managed to have Graphite India’s Whitefield factory shut,.

(Graphite has clarified that it will move electrode production out to other units)

10. Despite all the talks of renewable energy, nuclear deals between nations for energy needs and all that, coal is here to stay… for quite some time. Why? Because we need more energy than we think. This is true, especially with the Asian countries.

We’ll post some new links each week!


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