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Month: July 2018

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Guest Post: Tough times don’t last, High ROC companies do

This is a guest post by Anoop Vijaykumar. Anoop is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and writes about equity investing at Follow him ...

Premium: Buybacks are back! DB Corp Shows Some Potential

There's some movement in the buybacks. But it seems that the trade is getting seriously crowded. Too many people are jumping in! So, this time we avoided ...

Fortis Hospitals has an upcoming Open Offer – Worth a Chance?

Is there a play here for a savvy Investor? Since IHH is infusing additional funds and also taking over management control, there is a compulsory open offer ...

Does the Retail Public Buy Falling Knives?

Flipkart has what it calls “The Big Billion Dollar Sales”. Amazon calls it “Great Indian Sale”, Brick and Mortar businesses give away discounts in the ...

The Unintended Consequence of making Sanitary Pads 0% GST

The government finally made 0% duty for Sanitary pads. This is after much demand, back and forth, of this particular tax cut. But the road to hell is paved by ...

Premium: The Richly Valued Indian Insurers Pay Out More than Half Their Premium Earned In Commissions and Surrenders

Today, India has around 24 Life Insurance Companies to choose from though only four of them are listed on the stock exchanges. In this post we will be looking ...

Bonus Shares: The Unintended Complication That Increases Long Term Investors' Tax Liability

  The concept of bonus shares is weirdly fascinating. It’s just the moving of something from one account in the books to another. It’s total ...

Charts: Core Inflation Goes to 6.4%, The Highest Since 2014

Here’s a headline you might not read. Inflation came in at 5% for June 2018, but we have something really important happening in the details. The ...

Fundas – Understanding the Quality of Earnings

As part of our funda series, in this post we try and decipher the quality of earnings that companies post. Lot of emphasis is given on the Income or Profit and ...

Mutual Fund Commissions: 8500 Crores in FY-2018 as Incentives.

Every year, the Association of Mutual Funds in India releases the “Consolidated data on Commission and Expenses paid to Distributors during the previous ...